Switching to renewable electricity is one of the most significant things you can do to fight climate change. We are here to start that journey with you.

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We are a technical consultancy who advise funds mandated to deploy capital towards the installation of clean and renewable energy systems, linked to 20 or 25 year Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s).

Our solutions provide you with green energy, without any upfront capital expenditure.

Our solutions are funding, installation and asset management models for solar, wind, or CHP projects. They allow the off-taker to benefit from low cost renewable energy without the need for capital investment.

For organisations with high electricity usage, a PPA can result in huge financial savings on your energy bill, as well  as drastically reduce your CO2 emissions.
Our structured agreements provide financial certainty for the utility companies and the Off- Taker, which removes a significant roadblock to financing and building new renewable facilities.

AGL works with clients to develop optimized renewable energy strategies. Carbon reduction, cost, location, and risk profile are some of the key considerations. Our team has a wealth of experience in all sides of the transaction, including CHP and solar project development, wholesale energy markets, financing, contract negotiation and contract management, and performance monitoring.

The PPA benefits everyone. The Off-Taker gets a reduced electricity rate guaranteed, they will save considerable money over the the PPA lifetime whilst reducing their carbon footprint significantly.

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Our Power 

Advanced Generation Limited are experts at investing in early-stage project development opportunities. Through this early approach, combined with our market expertise, AGL gains a clear understanding of each project and the markets in which we operate. While active in the origination stage of projects, we employ a long-term investment approach linked to 20 or 25 year PPA.

We deploy development capital into utility-scale opportunities across solar, wind, battery storage, and other energy efficient projects. This offers a range of risk/return investment opportunities in each of the geographies in which we operate.

We are a trusted and professional representative for institutional capital seeking to finance projects through construction or to purchase existing PPA’s which may be for sale. We deploy managed capital into construction stage opportunities originated through our fund. We manage the entire process ensuring that projects are delivered through construction and into operation on time and on budget.

Our Capex outlay can provide you with a guaranteed reduced electricity bill over a 20 or25 year PPA period, pegged to the annual inflation rate.

We can assist in countries or areas where existing grid infrastructure is unable to cope with existing or future demands as the reliance on fossil fuel must be lessened due to climate change targets.

We will appraise existing grid utility prices to see if our investment can provide you with a guaranteed reduced electricity bill over the PPA period.


A global partner for your renewable requirements

AGL cover schemes on a global basis. We can work with any company or local local, or central government provided the covenant with our fund is guaranteed and insured for the full term of the PPA.

We work with government advisors, renewable energy specialists, technical consultants and more across the globe to provide our solutions which benefit all involved.

As the World moves away from fossil fuels, this presents both dilemma and opportunity - however time is of key importance as most countries have signed up to deadlines for significantly reduced carbon emissions. Whilst the initial large scale options may be primarily favouring solar PV and wind farms, AGL can provide you with infrastructure that can support future considerations such as high volume hydrogen battery storage used for electric vehicle charging, or energy storage solutions for night time use from solar farms. All of these future considerations can be taken into account by our team.


Why choose AGL?

We are global fund advisors managed by a team of technical experts who can deliver tailored solutions for your energy requirements on a global scale, to suit your exact demands. We can provide zero CapEx solutions to boost your infrastructure, to deliver electricity to areas where the grid cannot, to reduce your carbon emissions to meet upcoming restrictions.

We are your global partner to assist you in achieving these targets. Contact us to start the process and let us show you how we can help you.


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